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Insurance Defense Lawyer - John Nunnally - Part 7

Insurance Defense Lawyer John Nunnally joins Law Talk with Bill Powers, discussing:

  • The Practice of an Insurance Defense Lawyer
  • Professionalism
  • Trial Strategies
  • Professional Development

John Nunnally: It's funny you say that because I have stayed in touch with so many people from that class over the years still, either seeing them around. And, of course, probably one of the ones I was closest to, Paul Sheridan, unfortunately who passed away last year. So we had to-

Bill Powers: Oh yeah.

John Nunnally: Was at his funeral. It's hard to believe we've been out that long that people are starting to pass away. It's been tough, but it's been good, and Facebook as well, I've caught back up with a few other people, because, like you said, it was an incredibly close and special class, and there were some great people in it, and some very interesting personalities. But don't forget too, at the time, the standard for the bar passage rate for Campbell, we had 98% pass.

Bill Powers: Oh, I forgot about that.

John Nunnally: There was a pretty bright group.

Bill Powers: And Campbell accepted some non traditional people, people who maybe not had the best LSAT score or something. Boy, you said personalize. It's so funny. I talked to Lee Bentley not that long ago. What a great guy, and I think Lee and Jay Vannoy, and that crew. And then I think of you and I think Paul Sharon. Paul was a Jimmy Buffet guy and Shannon Warf, and Danny Hockaday. I mean, we knew everybody in our class because when we graduated, like 105 or something.

John Nunnally: Yeah, something like that. It was pretty low.

Bill Powers: And we had all our classes together, and we-

John Nunnally: Yeah, that was not... Plus we were down in Buies Creek. It wasn't in Raleigh with the great city. It always is interesting because you'd come home, part of the reason to study hard is not a lot else to do. You watch some TV, you study, you want to get together with classmates for a little bit, but-

Bill Powers: And I lived in the law dorm, actually, all three years. I lived in Layton, which has since been knocked down. And I'm still really close with those guys. Kevin Jones and [crosstalk] and all those fun people. It reminds me of that old... And John, I don't know if you're from Raleigh, North Carolina, I remember the old Mount Olive pickle commercial, they have [crosstalk]-

John Nunnally: Oh yeah.

Bill Powers: And they said, "Why don we make pickles in Mount Olive, North Carolina? Because there ain't nothing better to do." And that was in law school. Why did so many people study law school in Buies Creek? And I mean no offense to Campbell or Buies Creek. I will mention that the law school is now in Raleigh. It's at the old Patterson [inaudible] building. We were a tight knit group. We studied together. We had the same classrooms together. We hung out at the Dunn Women's Club. I don't remember that place. On Wednesday nights, we'd go somewhere and play pool and listen to the same [crosstalk]-

John Nunnally: Yeah. Always that the barn or something like that.

Bill Powers: Barn.

John Nunnally: That's missing wall on one side.

Bill Powers: Yeah. Yeah. I remember when they raised the prices on their pickled eggs, I was upset.

John Nunnally: I did not live in the dorm. I lived in this rural house apartment we rented there, and my wife who is an attorney as well, was flabbergasted because I never signed a lease. And she said, "You know, he can change it. He can kick you out." All three years, I lived in the same place. He never raised it at all. Everything was fine. It was just on a handshake. Now I look back, "Whoa, Whoa, I didn't have a lease. I didn't have this."

Bill Powers: Did you live with a bunch of guys or was it you and someone else?

John Nunnally: Well, it was me and Torn Fury for the first couple of years, and then Rick Rogers the last year, a year behind me. So it was just-

Bill Powers: Great guy. Well, I haven't heard of either of those names. Haven't talked to them in so long.

John Nunnally: It was a little congregation of some little houses that were all rented over there. Down the street with Scott Hanvey and Jay Wilkerson, and Baker McIntyre. Across from me, Phillip Miller was back there. Who was the other one? Phillip Wood. Yeah. They were all there. And Shannon wasn't too far away. And Captain Morgan's [inaudible].

Bill Powers: Was that coats where you were or was it-

John Nunnally: Yeah, exactly. Yeah. The metropolis there [inaudible]-

Bill Powers: Right. Coats is where we used to... I remember there was the little gas station where they had a VIN debate where up front it was like a Coke machine. You could buy crickets, and worms, and stuff like that.

John Nunnally: I know people who go to Campbell now don't have a full appreciation for what... Campbell Law school, especially in Raleigh, don't have appreciation for what we had with the... I mean, there was not a traffic light, but [crosstalk] leave it there. I mean, it was in the middle of a tobacco field. There really literally was nothing around it. But like you said, it did allow us to grow really close as a class. I did study hard and I think most of us, like you said, non traditional, but we were ready to study. It wasn't like we'd gone to college and then we're ready for law school. Many of us had worked in the interim and were ready to study harder and start a career.

Bill Powers: I feel compelled to give a shout out to those professors because when I think of Pat Hatrick, and Jimmy Mack, and the chief, and Rick Lord, and Tom Anderson, and Jim Jenkins, and Alan Button, of course I'm thinking those were our first-year teachers for the most part.

John Nunnally: Yeah.

Bill Powers: What an amazing group. How patient they were. Campbell has changed. I actually have been back a time or two. My daughter played a tennis tournament there, and they've got a giant camel in front of, I guess, the student center there now. So I [crosstalk]-

John Nunnally: I have not been back to Campbell itself. I've been to the new law school down in Raleigh, but I have not been there. But I still run into Tom Anderson a lot. I've thanked him on many, many occasions because his knowledge of civil procedure, I have used so many times over the times. And it's probably one of the most useful classes I ever took.

Bill Powers: I love Tom. I love Professor Jenkins. And I always liked, uh, Pat Hatrick, and McLaughlin's classes as well. They were just truly excellent teachers.

John Nunnally: No, you're right. It was a good crop of experienced teachers who knew what they were talking about.

Bill Powers: Well, if you're considering law school, I think John and I will give it a thumbs up to Campbell Law School and-

John Nunnally: I'll strongly recommend law school too. I mean, anybody who tells you otherwise, I'm like, "I know it's expensive. I know it's a lot, but I think there's a lot to be said for it." But yeah.

Bill Powers: Well, John, it was great catching up with you, and I hope we can see each other-

John Nunnally: You too, my friend.

Bill Powers: And congratulations and kudos to you in your career. And-

John Nunnally: And you too. And you too, congratulations to your daughter. I'll be looking forward to seeing on Facebook all her accolades coming forth.

Bill Powers: Well, and she's-

John Nunnally: I hope they get to have school in the fall because that's [crosstalk]-

Bill Powers: Well, they had a meeting yesterday, and apparently they're going to do it. And my daughter is a spring sport. She's a lacrosse player, and she's going to go into University of South at Sewanee. And John, where's yours going?

John Nunnally: He's going to Juniata, up in Pennsylvania, near Penn State.

Bill Powers: Oh, great.

John Nunnally: It's a small private liberal arts school. He'll be playing basketball there.

Bill Powers: Nice. Nice. Is he a number two? What's he shooting? Shooting guard?

John Nunnally: Shooting guard. Exactly. Yeah. He's a two. Yeah.

Bill Powers: Okay. Sure. Well, if you have a question, if you'd like to John, not only to teach a class, John what's good way for people to reach you?

John Nunnally: My email is the best, jnunnally, no spaces, N-U-N-N-A-L-L-Y@rl-law.com.

Bill Powers: Right. And if you have questions or topics of interest for Law Talk, you can reach us at lawtalkwithbillpowers@gmail.com. John, thank you so much and it's been a pleasure talking to you.

John Nunnally: Thank you, Bill. It was a real honor to catch up and a fascinating talk on some of these issues that we think about, but don't really talk about that much.

Bill Powers: Well, thank you so much, brother.

John Nunnally: Take care.

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